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Fashion and Trends

Fashion and Trends are critical to becoming confident and capturing your personal strengths.  

While sitting in the front row of a recent fashion show in New York City, I smiled and enjoyed the interpretation of what must haves belong in our closets.  I want to make it perfectly clear that 7-inch heels did not make it on my list. As a matter of fact, the model who wore those shoes  ~ fell, picked herself up, immediately fell again, and quickly removed the shoes. Cute shoes! Looked like the model thought they felt most comfortable in her hands.

As an established entrepreneur, I often have meetings in conference rooms in New York , L.A., Atlanta, Paris, and Cabo. Walking into a room with heels that belong in a nightclub just will not fly with my colleagues. I must say that flats, although comfortable, are an absolute don't as well.

Own the moment. 
A business moment, means knowing your sense of purpose for that day.
A casual day with family or friends, means no rest for you! Continue to take care of your body and mind. 
Your confidence strengthens when you stay in control of the multiple lives you manage. 
Those around you; partners (business and personal,) friends, family members, even strangers will notice your resilience and ability to remain your Personal Best!

Jennifer Aniston



Let's start with the casual look.  Never assume that you are in your own bubble when you go about your activities and errands around town.  You will run into someone that you least expect. Someone you know shops, goes to the movies, uses the park, and travels out of the same airport. Don't get caught in an "OH NO!" moment.

If you start your day at the health club, then....

What you wear to the club should always allow for full range of motion and comfort. If for some reason, your attire constricts movement, then you need to reconsider what your wearing, and ask yourself why? 

Lycra or Cotton?  I don't take spinning classes. I'll admit to the world, no thank you! My friends swear by the class, and even wait in line for passes to that most anticipated class at the club. They all wear lycra. I am for lycra! It keeps you all tucked in, and reduces the movement of body parts where needed. However, if you are trying this look, and you become uncomfortable, it is not for you. You'll only end up grabbing a shirt to put over the lycra look, and now you are layering at the club. Aren't you sweating enough? I am a t-shirt and shorts girl.


I wear what is comfortable for me to do circuit training and tennis. Make sure that you get the best athletic shoes for YOUR needs. My closet is jammed with sneakers, and the most comfortable have been Prince* tennis sneakers. If you ever felt the Life is Good* t-shirts, you'll throw out your lycra! 

Side Note:
* NO paid endorsements are on this site. Everything mentioned is because I truly believe in the product.

NEVER - NEVER - NEVER - wear pajamas in public. Keep your slippers at home with those jammies.

Underwear! Alright, I'll say it again....UNDERwear! It remains UNDER your wearables!
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