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Health and Fitness

Helen's Get Fit  Playlist 

Cardio and High Impact

“Run This Town” Jay-Z
“21 Guns” 

Reaching for the Limit

“Battlefield” Jordan Sparks

“I Do Not Hook Up” Kelly Clarkson

“Blue Jeans” Jessie James

“Get On Your Boots” U2

Walking Yourself Fit

“Celebration” Madonna

“Smile” Uncle Kracker

“She Wolf” Shakira

Your Zen Time

“The End”   Pearl Jam

“Who Says”  John Mayer



When you hear massage, a few things might come to your mind.

Most people assume that Helga is going to come into the room and leave your back with permanent hand, palm and fingerprints.  The next misconception is that there is a chocolate fountain with strawberries, and champagne being poured into a crystal flute. It this must happen, all while you are wearing a $500 terry robe with five people catering to your every whim.

I am here to debunk the myth. As much as I wouldn’t mind a day of pampered life as described, this just doesn’t happen. As for Helga, truth be told, my first massage did come from a woman that fit the physical profile as imagined, however, her touch was that of a Giselle.

Why massage? Why under health and fitness?

I happened upon massage accidently.  My first time was at a spa at a beautiful coastal resort in Georgia. I am athletic, therefore, tennis, horseback riding, bike riding, walking, swimming, sailing and even shuffleboard are my favorite summer activities. While biking on the island one day, I did something to my sciatic nerve that put me in a state of pain.  I decided to try a massage the next day at their spa. It was new, it was foreign, and it was weird! Should I strip down to nothing? Do I talk to the massage therapist?  Do I tell them it is too much pressure?  The questions going through my mind were driving me crazy!  I left feeling like this was a nice luxury for some but just not something I could justify in my budget.

Years later, another physical injury led me to an emergency room.  I was required to follow-up with the infamous primary care physician appointment the following week.  Doc suggested I begin physical therapy once a week. Eager to rid myself of the pain that frustrated me more than anything else, I reported to the physical therapist.  A month later I was still frustrated that the time in his office, was time away from my office and responsibilities.  That’s when I instituted the stress free time in my schedule.  I was sitting in a parking lot at a strip mall, and looked up to see that the new Massage Envy had opened in town.  I was determined to take responsibility for my physical pains, and walked right inside.

I grabbed a pair of shorts from my gym bag.  What you need to remember to do is wear what makes YOU feel comfortable. For me I prefer shorts, you may like the buff!  I requested a one-hour Swedish massage. That’s basically an all over relaxation massage.  I didn’t feel like talking, and the therapist only requested I let them know if the pressure was comfortable.  That afternoon, I signed up for their annual membership! 

The benefits I have reaped from massage therapy are positively amazing!  

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